About us - Hunting Raven, frome

Official Bookseller to the Frome Festival

Hunting Raven in Frome was bought by Winstone's in September 2016 and has a long tradition of independent bookselling excellence.

We are situated on Cheap Street, a medieval street with a leat running down the centre.

The bookshop has over 9,000 titles in stock and access to a further 500,000 on next day delivery. The shop is managed by Karin and abley supported by Iona, Tom and Aderyn. 

The shop has a speciality in Children's , Local books, Arts and Craft.

We pride ourselves on a warm welcome and efficient service, we look forward to meeting you.






Opening Times 9:30-5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Open every Independent Sunday Market

10 Cheap St, Frome BA11 1BN

t. 01373 473111


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